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Hangry? The Top New Food Words for 2015 Are Amazing

We love food. (I mean, who doesn’t?) Foodie language is changing, and not just for super chic restaurants tweeting their delicious menus. Whether or not you like to cook, being a mom means your entire day is centered around what your kid is eating for every meal.

Putting slang words in the dictionary is not a new practice, but with social media influencing new slang words, the outcome is fascinating. The New York Times recently published an article with the 10 most interesting new food words from 2015 that have been added to the online Oxford English Dictionary, and they’re hard not to love.

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Here are our favorites:

 1. Cookie Butter. It is a spread of pulverized cookies mixed with butter, condensed milk, and peanut butter, or another soft ingredient.

2. Cuisinomane. The new (and official) Canadian French word for “foodie.”

3. Foodspo. This is a nicer way to say ‘food porn’ on social media. It also combines the words ‘food’ and ‘inspiration’ together. Doesn’t it just make you want ot say ‘inspo’ now?

4. Piecaken. It is a stuffed dessert in which three 9-inch pies are baked inside three 10-inch cakes, and then stacked. We heard you liked food, so we stuffed some food inside your food.

5. Climatarian. This is a person whose diet consists of eating locally produced food, choosing pork and poultry instead of beef and lamb, and using every part of ingredients (like apple cores!) to limit waste.

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6. Cat cafe. A place for all the crazy cat ladies like me. It’s an idea from Asia, where you can get coffee and enjoy the company of adorable felines. There’s one in Manhattan now called Meow Parlour.

7. Hangry. It’s a new adjective to describe when you’re so incredibly hungry, you just can’t take it anymore. And then, anger ensues. Please, no hulk smashes in the office. Thanks.

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