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Hanukkah Gift Guide: Presents for BUBBE

Yetta, everyone's favorite TV bubbe.

Here at Kveller, we know that it can be hard to balance everything in your life–and then on top of it, people expect you to buy them gifts for Hanukkah? Not to worry, we’re here to help. Catch up on the other Hanukkah gift guides for the special people in your life. Enjoy–and happy shopping!

Let’s be real: For the woman who makes the best chicken matzah ball soup, who tells the best jokes, who reads the best bedtime stories, and gives the warmest hugs, you gotta do something special. Even if she says, “All I want for Hanukkah is to see my grandchildren,” (ahem) when it comes to Bubbe’s Hanukkah gift, you better bring it.

So here are some presents Bubbe might love:

1. Turn Bubbe’s favorite photograph(s) into a piece of jewelry. Sure, you can use the standard pics of her adorable, perfect, brilliant grandchildren, but why not also find one of those beautiful sepia snapshots of Bubbe’s parents and make a pendant for her to wear as well? If Bubbe isn’t the jewelry wearing type, you can make her another kind of photo gift like a mug or a sweatshirt (that’ll embarrass your teenage daughter but isn’t that part of the fun) or a keychain or even a jigsaw puzzle!

2. Now, ask yourself, what does Bubbe like? Yeah, of course her family is a huge priority, but it’s not the only thing in her life. Does she like dancing? Buy her tickets to the ballet. If Bubbe is into film, buy her the anniversary edition of her favorite movie. Does Bubbe like gardening? Get her a grow-your-own-herb-garden. (People, the herb garden is a win-win because when she uses the basil she grew to season her world famous brisket for Shabbos dinner, you’ll enjoy it, too. ) Hey, know Bubbe best–these are just some suggestions.

3. Child labor laws be damned, put your kids to work and have them design something special for Bubbe. A homemade challah cover is a great gift, and one that Bubbe will appreciate. If Bubbe isn’t the candle-lighting, Manishewitz-sipping, challah-blessing kind, then your kids can decorate an apron or a tote bag, or maybe a motorcycle jacket.  (Hey, after all it’s a new generation of Bubbes!)

4. If Bubbe likes music, buy her a CD of her favorite artist or composer. And if you’re feeling especially creative and have an extensive collection of legally (ahem) downloaded music, you can burn her a compilation of special songs. Mix it up:  Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Ke$ha, Snoop dogg, Joan Baez… make it original.

5. If Bubbe doesn’t already have an iPad, you might consider giving her one.  It’s easy and convenient, and a great way for her to check email and connect with family via video chat on Face Time.  And it will give her such nachas when her grandchildren teach her a thing or two about how to use it! (And if she already has one, try out this fashionable iPad sleeve to keep it safe.)

6. Does Bubbe like to read? A gift certificate to Amazon.com might be nice. And if Bubbe is the kind who likes to browse the bookstalls, then pick up a gift certificate to her favorite bookstore.

7. A luxurious article of clothing like an elegant scarf is a decadent gift Bubbe might enjoy. And every time she receives a compliment on it, she’ll be able to say “my family gave it to me for Hanukkah.”

8. There’s a touching story about a young man who sees an old man planting a young sapling.  When he asks the old man “Why plant this tree when you will never live to enjoy the fruits of your labor?” the old man replies, “While that is true, my grandchildren and their grandchildren and their grandchildren will.”  And planting a tree in Israel through the Jewish National Fund in Bubbe’s name is a poignant gift for the future.

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