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Hanukkah Gift Guide: Presents for HIM

Here at Kveller, we know that it can be hard to balance everything in your life–and then on top of it, people expect you to buy them gifts for Hanukkah? Not to worry, we’re here to help. This is the first in a series of Hanukkah gift guides aimed at the special people in your life. Enjoy–and happy shopping!

For the guy in your life who refuses to give you a wishlist and asks only that you pull out your slutty honeymoon lingerie for eight nights instead. Sorry, honey!

1. Calling all geeky Jews, this t-shirt is for you! Festivals of Lightsabers $20 via Busted Tees.

2.  Is his heart in Israel? Then let him wear his heart on his sleeve with Vintage Map Cufflinks, $119 via Anne Holman Jewelry Design. Custom cufflinks might include Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or any significant place in his life.

3. Keep him from losing his hat for the millionth time this winter and invest in a Scarf + Hood $42 via Schoodie {scoo d-ee}. It’s like hat and a scarf got together and had a baby.

4. 8 nights on the rocks: $70 via Etsy Vital. Choose this set of 8 high quality screen-printed glasses or customize your order, pick your poison.

5.  Husbands don’t ask for much, so why not humor his sex drive with some Saucy Little Love Coupons: $12 via Etsy NeatThings.  Call me a Hanukkah Hooker if you may, but a $12 present leaves a lot more money to spend on myself this year. Note: don’t leave these on your bedside table for your kids (or your Rabbi) to find.  For a less X-rated more customized version, try these via Everyday Grace or just write your own on the back of some toilet paper (trust me, as long as you’re offering he won’t care what its written on!).

6. Pamper your man with this
Pure Badger Brush
$55 via The Art of Shaving. His smooth face will make up for all of the badgers that were hand plucked to make this lovely brush.

7.  The
Manly Tzedakah Box
$35 via Brookstone. Spare change can’t make its way to the charity if it’s scattered all over the house, so why not give your man an organized way to count his blessings?

8.  Movember TOMs: $58. November may be over but this is a worthy cause for any month. All of the proceeds from this limited edition shoe go to the Movember Foundation to raise awareness for cancers affecting men and with every pair of shoes you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. WINNING!

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