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Hanukkah Gift Guide: Presents for KIDS

Here at Kveller, we know that it can be hard to balance everything in your life–and then on top of it, people expect you to buy them gifts for Hanukkah? Not to worry, we’re here to help. This is the third installment in a series of Hanukkah gift guides aimed at the special people in your life. Enjoy–and happy shopping!

Eight nights of Hanukkah–and, as your children will doubtlessly remind you, eight opportunities to get them gifts! Here are some ideas for your wee ones.

1.      Pretend and play doctor set: Let’s get over the whole “playing doctor” connotation and simply acknowledge that one of the best things you can give a kid is the opportunity to engage in pretend play. And pretending to be a doctor–whether helping teddy bears get over that stomach virus, or mending a doll’s broken leg–is a heck of a lot more fun than playing lawyer (which largely consists of revising documents, billing hours and slamming pretend phones down in disgust).

2.      My Own Hanukkah Set (With Latkes!): Perhaps you feel ill at ease about entrusting your child with matches–as well you should. This set allows your kid to “light” their own menorah, and even flip their own latkes. It’s also a great “dress rehearsal” item to help them practice the blessings and songs of the holiday.

3.       Construction worker girl costume: Face it – your daughter has enough princess gear to successfully rule Monaco, preside over a polo match or two and attend more balls than she’ll see in her lifetime. Mix it up a little! Combine this costume with her first trip to Home Depot (did you know that they give classes for little kids for free?) and a tool kit, and you won’t have to call the plumber anymore.

4.      Fisher Price Record Player. Seriously! Forget the kids for a second. I want this present. You know how sad it is that my kids had no idea what a “tape” is? I mean, honestly. Well, I refuse to let my childhood become Colonial Williamsburg to these kids, and you should too. I bet this gift will fascinate kids now as much as it did back in the day. You know, when I rode my horse to school.

5.      Personalized kids’ book: Little kids have a megalomaniac streak a mile wide. It’s healthy, don’t worry –they’re developing their ego and getting to know who they are as well as the world around them. So imagine how thrilled they will be when they get a storybook that features them! This particular book is a Hanukkah story, but other books are available as well – you send in your kid’s name, and the book is tailored to mention your child at various points in the story. It also comes with a bear. Not bad!

6.      Kids’ camera: This is a good idea for a few reasons. Not only will your child genuinely enjoy becoming your paparazzi (and you’ll enjoy the ego boost), but also, I guarantee that at least one of these downloadable pictures taken from a childs-eye perspective will be hilarious. I personally liked the one of our old dog’s rear end.

7.      My first easel/desk: This is a really nice gift, and encourages both creativity and independence, as it provides kids with a space to do their own work. Maybe they can learn from a young age to keep their workspace clean and organized. You know, the way I never did. Sigh.

8.       Let’s use Hanukkah as a chance to give something to others too–and this is a gift that children can participate in as well. The Gift of Life Foundation is a bone marrow registry where you can get involved just by swabbing your cheek. If you take your kids with you while you do it, and explain why you’re doing it and how it can help, they’ll take away something pretty amazing. (For more on Gift of Life, check out Mayim Bialik’s post about a 2-year-old boy named Ezra.)

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