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Hanukkah Gift Guide: What Sarah’s Kids Want

As we scrambled to find the perfect Hanukkah gifts for kids this year, we thought it might be best to go straight to the source. So we asked our contributing editors to ask their kids what they really want. Up first, a wish list from Sarah Tuttle-Singer’s kids.

DISCLAIMER: Hanukkah isn’t the big present orgy in Israel as it is in the US–since we don’t compete with Christmas, we keep it simple.

So I had to pull teeth to get some responses from my kids–and in fact, I MAY have had to say “OK, fine, what do you want for Christmas.”

M’s list:

1. Four Small and one Large Assorted Dreidels ($4.59) “Ani rotsah sevivonim.” “I want dreidels,” she says!

2. Disney Princess 2-in-1 Tiana Doll ($18.99) “I want a Princess Tiana doll, because she is beautiful.”

E’s list:

1. Happy Family Midge & Baby ($75.95) “I want a Barbie with a baby in her belly.”

2. Harry Potter Firebolt Broom ($15.31) “I want to fly wid Hawy Poddah”

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