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Hanukkah Sweaters for the Entire Family


For me, the most exciting thing about Hanukkah, which is coming up on December 22, is getting to take out my Hanukkah sweaters.

I love, love, love Hanukkah sweaters. Because I grew up in Israel, they don’t have the tacky Christmas party connotation for me. In fact, I wear some of my more fashionable Hanukkah sweaters all year round.

Unfortunately, since my favorite Hanukkah sweater company, Gelt Fiend, stop making sweaters (there were beautiful knit things — one sweater even head actually gold gelt!) there just aren’t enough great Hanukkah sweaters out there.

And a lot of them are bad. I mean, really, really bad. From using non-Hanukkah-related Jewish puns like meowzel tov to some slightly anti-Semitic stereotypes (gelt digger?!), a lot of the sweaters out there are just inappropriate.

But, after wading through all the bad options, I’ve managed to put together the creme de la creme of Hanukkah sweaters, or at least, the good ones still out there for you or anyone in your family to enjoy.

Baby and Kids Sweaters

Baby’s first Hanukkah & That’s How I Roll tops from Carters

OK, so the following few listings are actually shirts, but they do serve the same purpose as Hanukkah sweaters — a cute festive thing to wear at the local Hanukkah party. For my baby’s first and upcoming second Hanukkah, I’ve personally resorted to these Carter’s tops for parties — they’re cheap, they don’t get messy, and they’re good if you’re in a warmer climate or in a very hot home (frying sure has a way of heating things up!).

While this Amazon listing uses the word sweater, this is a shirt with sleeves cuffed like a sweater. But it’s cute. And it says “This is how I roll.” A fun dreidel pun for the whole family!
This youth-sized Hanukkah sweater has a llamakah on it, which is a Hanukkah llama. As I mentioned in our Hanukkah pajamas list, I am not sure where the llamakah came from, but llamas are adorable, so I support this trend, and I love the ridiculous facial expression on this particular llamakah.

Meowy Christmas, Just Kitten Around, Happy Hanukcat Hanukkah Top (Etsy)

Do your kids love cats? Well, this Hanukkah sweatshirt which has, quite literally, all the cat puns on it, is perfect for them!

You Spin Me Right Round Sweater (Etsy)

Our kids do have a way of spinning us right around! This adorable dreidel sweater is a fun reference to this song by Dead or Alive.

It’s blue. It’s white. It’s got dreidels and menorahs. It’s the most basic Hanukkah sweatshirt. And sometimes, that’s exactly what you want.
Let’s face it — for some moms, there’s nothing like putting a sassy profanity-adjacent shirt on a baby. And the sassy Jewish-ness of the word “schmuck” is perfect for Hanukkah. This is the perfect Hanukkah kids’ sweater for a very specific crowd, and if you’re part of that crowd, you already know you need this.

Hanukkah kid’s hoodie, I’m Here for the Gelt (Etsy)

I’m not a fan of “gelt digger” sweaters, but I like a child that announces what they’re at the party for, and if they’re all about those chocolate points, so be it. This shirt will definitely get a chuckle at the family holiday party.

Happy Llamakkah Toddler / Kids Hanukkah Sweatshirt / Hoodie or Crewneck (Etsy)

This Happy Llamakah sweater is a bit on the pricey side, but I love the eight cartoon candllamas (that’s candle llamas, yes) on it.

Grown-Up Sweaters

I’m Just Here For The Latkes Sweatshirt (Etsy)

This sweater is one of my favorites. Yes, because I love latkes, but also because it has nice, non-cliched colors and a lovely illustration.

Surprised dreidels! Menorahs! A cheap Hanukkah sweatshirt that isn’t trying to do anything new, but is fully functional and kinda cute!

I Only Love My Dreidel and My Latkes I’m Sorry, Hanukkah sweater (Etsy)

These next two are for the Drake lover in your family. This one uses a lyric from the Jewish rapper’s song, “God’s Plan”: “I only love my bed and my mama, I’m sorry” (he’s talking about his Jewish mom, aw!). And combines it with the cover of Drake’s mixtape “If You’re Readin This It’s Too Late.” Plus, the Hanukkah sentiment behind this particular sweatshirt is relatable for anyone.

Jewish Drake Pocket Detail Sweater (Etsy)

This Drake Hanukkah sweater is a lot simpler. It’s Drake. Wearing a yarmulke. You’re welcome.

They SEE ME ROLLIN Hanukkah Sweatshirt (Etsy)

Hip hop and R&B puns have become a quintessential part of the Hanukkah sweater. They see me rollin’ just works well, both as a reference to the Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone song, and your excellent sweater and dreidel game!

This Is How We Jew It Hanukkah Sweater (Etsy)

This Hanukkah sweater, with a reference to the excellent Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It,” is a great pun, and already makes me want to dance!

Hanukkah Light Up Sweaters — Women’s, Unisex, and Dr. Dre (Men’s)

These Hanukkah sweaters have actual Christmas lights embedded in them. If you don’t want anyone to take their eyes off you during the holiday party, these are the sweaters you need.

Men’s Funny Jewnicorn Hanukkah Sweater (Amazon)

I’m not sure what to make of the Jewnicorn pun! It’s not at all Hanukkah-related, but if you’re the rare Jew at the Christmas party, this may be the perfect sweater for you!

A Han Solo pun! This is the ideal Hanukkah sweater for the Star Wars lover in your family.
Need the perfect, effortless sweater for a Christmas party? This one is just telling it like it is. We’re eating Chinese food on Christmas. And that’s that.

Time To Light The Meownorah Sweater (Etsy)

Unlike meowzal tov, here’s a good and appropriate Hanukkah cat pun.

LET’S GET LIT Hanukkah Slouchy Sweatshirt (Etsy) 

A cute, slouchy, kinda sexy Hanukkah sweater with a fun pun. We can support it!

Hanukkah Unisex Triblend Fleece Sweatshirt (Etsy)

It says Hanukkah in a kind of metal font. It’s grey. It’s lined with fleece. It’s the Hanukkah sweater you want to be wearing when you’re heating up latkes from last night’s Hanukkah party. Comfy and unassuming.

My Latkes Bring All The Boys To The Yard (Etsy)

If you’re the latke queen, own it with this super fun sweater (that’s a reference to this wonderful Kelis song, just in case you’ve forgotten or — GASP! — didn’t know).

This ugly Hanukkah sweater is anything but ugly! We love this pretty peacock-ish dreidel print.
This Hanukkah sweater is simple and not obvious. I like how it looks like a sports team sweatshirt. It says “Hanukkah 8 nights.” What else do you need to know?!

Blizzard Bay Women’s Hanukkah Sweater (Amazon)

These three sweaters are garish and over-the-top, and I love them. They have shiny silver on them. The llamakah sweater has an actual 3D scarf. The “keep calm and dreidel on” sweater has way too many colors. It’s everything an ugly holiday sweater needs.

Have A Pretty Pretty Pretty Good Hanukkah Unisex Sweatshirt (Amazon)

It’s Larry David. On a Hanukkah sweatshirt. It’s pretty, pretty, pretty awesome.

I love this sweater. I mean, it’s a Whoopi Goldberg sweater — which is great. It has a cute octopus on it, which is great because, just like a menorah, the octopus has eight arms. And it’s wearing a yarmulke, which may be a bit on the nose, but also pretty adorable.
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