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Hanukkah Pajamas for the Entire Family: 2023 Edition

Get cozy and festive with these Hanukkah PJs!


Design by Lior Zaltzman

This year, we definitely need a lot of Jewish light. So I’m happy to remind you that Hanukkah starts on the evening of December 7, which means that it’s time for some comforting Hanukkah retail therapy. That’s right: It’s time to get your family their Hanukkah pajamas.

I am a huge fan of Hanukkah merch — I love Hanukkah sweaters and decorations, and am an even bigger fan of Hanukkah PJs! After all, for a typically home-based holiday that’s all about a jug of oil lasting eight nights, you certainly need some comfy nighttime attire.

This is my fourth year in a row of curating Hanukkah pajama offerings from around the internet, and it does fill me with Jewish joy to see how many more offerings we have this year. But also, I have to say: I wish there were more colorful options, and some more “outside of the box” thinking when it comes to Hanukkah motifs, especially in a year when spreading Jewish pride feels, for so many of us, more important than ever. I want more diverse Hanukkah offerings (it’s never enough, it will never be enough!!).

While a lot of these pajamas stick to the basic blue and yellow color schemes with lots of menorahs and Stars of David (which isn’t technically a Hanukkah symbol, but I get it), there are some fun surprise contenders, including Hanna Anderson’s rainbow set and some delightful Disney Hanukkah pajamas.

So, without further ado, here is a pretty comprehensive list of all the Hanukkah pajamas available this year, including matching Hanukkah pajamas for the whole family.

So put on your pajamukkahs —  it’s almost time for Hanukkah.


Matching Family Hanukkah pajamas:

Hanukkah Splatter Pajamas from Midrash Manicures

This ’90s inspired print from Midrash Manicures really takes me back! And I do appreciate the touch of unexpected pink and the fun DIY feel of the print. We’ve partnered with the brand to give your 20% off these lovely and comfy pajamas! Just use code Kveller20 at checkout.

Night Lights Pajamas from Burt’s Bees

This new set of pajamas, onesies and pet bandanas features a watercolor-inspired striped print with lit candles. The colors are traditional, as is the motif, but it’s understated and really very aesthetically pleasing.

Old Navy Hanukkah  Pajamas

Old Navy has navy Hanukkah pajamas this year, which feels extra on-brand. They’re made out of flannel which means they’ll keep you pretty toasty for eight nights!

Hanna Anderson Hanukkah Rainbow Pajamas

This year, Hanna Anderson is offering two kinds of Hanukkah pajamas — their usual blue and yellow menorah print, and rainbow menorah pajamas. I have to say, it’s about time. Hanukkah never had to be so friggin’ blue and muted, and this rainbow variation, while incredibly simple, is probably my favorite Hanukkah pajamas of all times, because it really transmutes the joy and the color of this holiday.

Monica + Andy Hanukkah Pajamas

Another clean and cozy Hanukkah print with all the classics and a calming geometric feel. I especially love this fleece embroidered dreidel one-piece that’s perfect for a baby’s first Hanukkah.

Little Sleepies Hanukkah Lights And Love

The children’s brand Little Sleepies entered the Hanukkah pajama game in 2021, and this year it has a sweet, light blue print with gelt, sufganiyot and dreidels. Like all their offerings, these are made out of 95% viscose from bamboo, which is a material I personally love the feel of. They also have an adorable pet bandana with the print. Nothing too special here, but definitely a cozy contender.

Latkes and Light Pajamas from ModernTribe

Judaica shop ModernTribe has launched its own Hanukkah pajamas this year and they are a feast for the eyes. Not only are they full of colors, but they feature incredibly appetizing latkes and sufganiyot, and most importantly of all, that Hanukkah staple that is the dinosaur menorah.

Petite Plume Hanukkah Pajamas from Maisonette (Women’s Nightshirt / Women’s / Men’s / Kids’)

Are you very fancy? Do you want to live your best Hanukkah influencer life with artisanal latkes and homemade applesauce cooked on your farmhouse stove? Then these pajamas from Petite Plume, purveyors of cozy celebrity sleepwear, are for you. Is this print anything to write home about? Oh, absolutely not, just a mere repeating pattern of Jewish stars and menorahs. And yet, it is classic and classy, and fancy indeed.

Macy’s Hanukkah pajamas (Men’s / Women’s / Women’s Plus / Kids‘ / Baby / Dog)

These pajamas with a menorah print come in comfy and casual shades of grey and blue. I do love the cut on these, which is a little more flattering than your usual Hanukkah pajamas. These also come in plus sizes, which is nice!

Target Hannukah Pajamas (Men’s / Women’s / Kids’ / Toddler / Baby)

I’m not going to lie, Target has me a little disappointed this year, as it is back to basics with these simple, blue dreidel and gelt pajamas. Yes, I love that the Hebrew letters are well done and I even appreciate the hint of green, but after last year’s adorable Hanukkah lions, this option is a bit lackluster to me.

Honest Hanukkah Pajamas 

Another very simple and clean (and honest!) Hanukkah pajama option.

Disney Hanukkah pajamas

I love an adorable Hanukkah flannel pajama, and this one doesn’t just have all your favorite Hanukkah staples, but Minnie, Mickey, Daisy, Donald, Goofy and Pluto, too. I’m so happy Disney-lovers are getting a lot of delightful merch for Hanukkah this year, like this Disney bag.

Gap (Pants / Kids / Baby)

I was a bit reluctant to include these pajamas — they’re so incredibly basic, and the adult version is just unisex flannel pants, but I do feel like Gap is a chain a lot of us shop from, and it’s nice to have them carry these. However, I wish this Hanukkah Star Wars Gap shirt came in all sizes.

Carter’s (Adults / Kids /Toddlers/ Baby 2-piece/ Baby Onesie)

Hanukkah pointillism is here! As a fan of Seurat I appreciate this extra touch on what is essentially a very basic Hanukkah print. It’s also a budget-friendly option. Carter’s also have a baby’s first Hanukkah onesie and a cute Disney Hanukkah shirt.

Children’s Place (Adult/ Kid / Baby)

I am a sucker for anything glow-in-the-dark and Hanukkah is the perfect holiday for just that. Children’s Palace took notice by making their yearly Hanukkah pajamas shine bright even in the darkest room. Their pajamas can’t really be beat for affordability, but some reviewers have said that the quality of the material leaves something to be desired.

Hanukkah Fair Isle Pajamas from Sara’s Prints (Kid / Adult)

Is there anything that projects cozy more than a fair isle print? I think not! These Hanukkah pajamas are made out of 100% cotton, and are simple and comfortable.

Hanukkah Pajamas from Joy Street Kids (Women / Kids / Baby / Bib)

If I had all the expendable income in the world, would I spend almost $120 on a single pair of pajamas? I don’t know…. but I have to say that this Joy Street Kids Hanukkah pajamas is so up my alley as a “more is more” type of person. It’s got a scribbly, whimsical Hanukkah print with so much on it — gifts, doughnuts, gelt, a jar of oil, a menorah, applesauce, the lyrics from “Oh Hanukkah,” the Hebrew letters of the dreidel with their transliteration, and more. It also has some decidedly non-Hanukkah elements like a pomegranate and a shofar (also a challah, but Hanukkah and Shabbat always coincide at least once so that can be forgiven).

The high price point can be a drawback ($118 for the adult size, and $50 and $56 for the kids’ ones), as well as the fact that the adult pajamas only come in a women’s cut — but as far as design goes, these Hanukkah pajamas may be some of the nicest I’ve ever seen!

Hanukkah pajamas for babies and kids:

Clover Baby & Kids Hanukkah Pajamas

How cute are these pajamas from Clover? The dancing latkes most certainly have my heart, as do the unexpected tiny smiling stars of David on their menorah print ones. Such Jewish joy!


Primary Spinning Dreidels Pajamas

My kids have sensitive skin and we love Primary’s clothes because they never seem to irritate it. I’m also obsessed with their gender neutral approach to clothing. I was stoked to discover that they actually have Hanukkah pajamas! This print is nothing too innovative, but the dreidels are incredibly eye-pleasing.

Rifle Paper Co. Hanukkah Organic Family Pajama from Pottery Barn Kids

I love florals and Hanukkah and this lovely pajama which comes in both babies and kids sizes is so full of pretty details, that I can almost forgive it for its conservative color scheme.

Llamakkah Pajamas from ChosenThreadsApparel (Etsy) 

The Llamakkah pun — which combines the word Hanukkah with the South American mammal — has become a modern staple when it comes to Hanukkah gear, from cards to sweaters. No one really knows where it originated, but as a lover of both llamas and Hanukkahs, I am here for it!

These pajamas have a llama print on the bottoms and an adorable llama on the top. You can get a boy or a girls version — the boy (?!) llama has glasses and a bow and the girl (?!) llama has a bow in her ear and a scarf. I do believe neither are a scientifically accurate portrayal of male and female llama, but they are pretty darn cute!

Light Up the Night Pajamas

These kids’ pajamas are so cute! They’re not blue (bonus points!), they have colorful menorahs and they say “light up the night.” Topical and cheerful!

ColorMe Pajamas from Sara’s Prints

They’re pajamas and an art project — in other words, an ideal Hanukkah present! These pajamas come with a set of fabric markers you can use to color the dreidels on the shirt (or wherever else your budding artist decides to draw). They come in sizes 3 to 12.


Glow in the Dark Hanukkah Pajamas from Sara’s Prints

Hanukkah is the festival of lights — and is there a better light than a glow in the dark one?! While these pajamas are fairly simple with blue and white stripes, there’s a glow in the dark menorah on them, which will help improve nighttime candle-lightings for all.

Hanukkah pajamas for grown-ups:


Adult Flapjack Onesie by LazyOne (Amazon)

Sometimes, you just want to feel like a baby again — that’s what adult onesies are for. This ridiculous onesie also has a flapjack. We just had to include it on this list.

Hanukkah adult onesie from Tipsy Elves

Here’s another Hanukkah adult onesie from the partly Jewish team at Tipsy Elves! This one has pockets, which, as we know, make every piece of clothing 200% better.

All of our recommendations are independently selected by Kveller’s editorial team. We may earn a commission if you buy something through one of our affiliate links.

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