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Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day, Moms of Kveller

Earlier this week, we were trying to think of which moms we wanted to honor this Mother’s Day. Sure, there are women throughout history that have done fantastic things for the state of motherhood, and there are definitely some trailblazers today that are working to make a difference in the lives of moms.

But when we thought about it, really thought about it, the group of mothers we so desperately wanted to thank was right under our noses. This Mother’s Day, we’re sending out a big old I LOVE YOU to all of the women who have written for Kveller. We couldn’t exist without you, which is pretty much the definition of motherhood, right? All your beautiful faces make us very proud, and we hope each and every one of you has the best Mother’s Day (and Mother’s Week, and Mother’s Year, and Mother’s LIFE) possible.

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