Happy Thanksgiving! See You Monday – Kveller
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Happy Thanksgiving! See You Monday

We’re jetting off to our various Thanksgiving-friendly dinner tables, so we’ll be gone tomorrow and Friday. We wish everyone a happy, joyous, and peaceful Thanksgiving and will look forward to Monday, when we can all share our favorite weight loss tips and Black Friday horror stories.

In the meantime, be sure to check out these great Thanksgiving-related resources and reflections that we’ve got right here on Kveller:

How to make a turkey-shaped challah. Yes, a turkey-shaped challah.

A cranberry apple noodle kugel recipe that’s both Thanksgiving-y and Jewish-y.

How we can be thankful even among the suffering from Hurricane Sandy, the conflict in Israel, etc.

– Wendy Mogel (this month’s book club author!) on how to teach children the concept of gratitude.

– Last year we crowd-sourced some favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

– The way that Thanksgiving is sort of like Shabbat.

Happy Thanksgiving, Kveller family!

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