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Here’s Why Everyone Is Saying to Get an IUD Because of the Election

At this point, Clinton supporters have to accept the fact that Donald Trump is the next president of the United States–and find ways to survive the change. This is why you may have seen one message for women showing up on your social media feeds everywhere: Get an IUD before January.

The reason? Donald Trump’s pro-life platform (which is no secret)–and the fact that VP-elect Mike Pence has an extensive record of limiting women’s health care while he was the governor of Indiana. Good times.

These views are vastly different from what we’ve seen under Obama. For example,  birth control pills are free under the Affordable Care Act–something I’ve been grateful for during these past eight years, as I was a graduate student for some of that time and I definitely couldn’t afford birth control if I had to pay for it. This is also something Trump himself has said he wants to ask Congress to repeal on the first day of his administration.

This means it’s a very real possibility that abortion access will be more restricted, which essentially means that an Intrauterine Device (or IUD) is probably the easiest and most effective way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy for at least five years (most last up to 10 years). Since many insurance providers cover the costs of the devices (which are very pricey on their own), it’s probably smart to take advantage of that while it’s still the case. Because you never know. This Twitter user put it best:

If you do want to go the IUD route before January, here’s a comprehensive guide to the five different kinds to choose from–and of course, you should always talk to your gynecologist about the best method for you.

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