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Hey Kids, You Have a Choice–Grumpy Mama or Fun Mama?

“Mama, we’re booorrrrrrred,” the kids whined while I was under the covers, one eye open.

“You have a choice: Grumpy Mama can wake up now, or Fun Mama can wake up later.”

The two deliberated for a minute, and my daughter whispered something in her brother’s ear.

“Fine. Fun Mama, later.”

“Well done.”

Grumpy Mama went back to sleep. Through foggy, fluffy dreams I heard a bump, a few crashes, but no cries.

When I got up for realz and staggered to their room, I saw my kids in the middle of a massive overhaul—the bookshelf was against a different wall, the wicker basket was no longer by the door, and the dolls and Legos were being strewn about on the floor.

“We were bored,” my son said with his cartoon eyes. “So we decided to make some changes around here.”

“That’s awesome!” I said as I picked up a fallen book. “I think it’s great that you’re reorganizing.”

“See? I told you!” my daughter told her brother. “Grumpy Mama would have gotten angry, but Fun Mama is cool.”

And children, sweet children, let this be a lesson to you: Good things happen to those who let Mama sleep in.

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