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Hits of the Week from Kveller: Jan 27-31

      This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.

– Sitting Courtside at a UCLA Basketball Game…With the Ex. Mayim scored two courtside seats to a UCLA basketball game, and in the spirit of nostalgia and knowing how much her ex loved the Bruins, she brought him–and they had a great time.

– Battling the Nagging Feeling That My Body Isn’t Good Enough. Like most women who hit the gym again after a bit of a recess, Jordana is her own worst enemy when it comes to looking in the mirror. After some deliberation on how far she’s come, Jordana realizes she’s on a mission to get healthy for herself, only.

– Secret Pinterest, Open Adoption. When Rabbi Vogel was in the midst of infertility treatments, she joined Pinterest in search of crafty ideas for when she had a baby, but kept it secret. Now she’s in the process of open adoption and is still keeping her Pinterest board a “secret.”

What Happens When My Child with Autism Becomes an Adult with Autism? Dana’s daughter is 10 years old living with autism and is the just beginning to hit puberty. Her daughter’s ascent into adulthood has her thinking about what it will be like when Dana becomes an adult and if she will be able to live on her own.

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