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Hits of the Week from Kveller: June 17 – 21

This week’s most popular posts in case you missed them.

– Stop Taking So Many Pictures of Your Kids. While trying to organize her hundreds of digital photos, Nina realized it would be a lot easier if she didn’t take so many photos in the first place. Here are her tips for still capturing all those special moments while not going overboard.

– Finally Opening Up About My Medical Termination & Five Things Not to Say when Someone is No Longer Expecting. When Tova’s unborn fetus was diagnosed “unfit for life,” she made the best decision for her and her family by termination the pregnancy. Here, she shares her story as well as invaluable tips on what–and what not–to say to someone who’s experienced a pregnancy loss.

– My Third Grader Had a Terrible Year (And I Didn’t Do Anything About It). Alina’s son struggled both academically and socially this past school year, but unlike other parents who urged her to speak up or get more proactively involved with the situation, Alina decided to step back and let her son work it out on his own.

– Since My Divorce, I’m Missing the Mikveh. The mikveh is the Jewish ritual bath that women visit before their wedding and each month after their menstrual cycle. But now that she’s divorced, Mayim no longer needs to visit the mikveh, and that’s a hard ritual to break.

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