Hits of the Week: July 2-6 – Kveller
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Hits of the Week: July 2-6

This week’s most popular blog posts, in case you missed them.

I’ve Never Shaved My Legs, So What?/Waxing Eloquent: This week, everyone is talking about hair. Leg hair, arm hair, even hair-down-there! Does choosing not to shave make you a feminist? Is choosing whether or not you want to shave a form of activism? Join the debate!

This Summer, My Kids Are Doing… Nothing: With dozens of children’s summer camps and programs to choose from, this Kveller blogger has chosen to enroll her kids in Camp Mommy. With so much unstructured time together, Alina and her kids are experiencing NYC like never before.

Potty Solutions: Can I Duct Tape My Kid’s Diaper?: What do you do when your child absolutely refuses to use the potty and has taken a liking to removing his diaper and covering himself in pee?  Do you zip his pajamas up backwards or do you duct tape that diaper on?

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