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How to Organize Your Purse in 10 Minutes

Purses tend to be a magnet for clutter. Even the most organized among us can end up with handbags stuffed with old receipts, loose change, gum wrappers, and random kid-related snacks and gear. If you’re tired of navigating through the chaos just to find your keys, fear not!

Here are the a few simple tips you can implement to ensure your handbag stays organized and clutter-free:

Your Purse Is Not a Clown Car

It’s easy for your daily bag to become a convenient catchall for storing everything from work projects to toiletries, accessories, and snacks. The problem is, not only can an overstuffed purse make it hard to find what you need when you need it, but heavy bags can also lead to chronic back and neck pain—who needs that?

So, start fresh and empty out the contents of your daily bag so you can assess the situation. Reflect on what you require on a regular basis (i.e wallet, keys, mobile phone) and relocate all of the items that are not really required for daily use.

Simplify Your Storage

Now that you have lightened the load, group the “keepers” in broad categories: Make-up, hair-ties, and beauty and feminine products can be stored together in a pouch or cosmetic bag. Money, credit and I.D. cards, cash, change, and checkbooks can all be contained in a wallet. Earbuds and chargers can be stored in a sunglass case or zip pouch for easy access. If you have young kids, try storing diapers, snacks, pacifiers, and first aid together in an oversized zip pouch or separate diaper bag. If your kids practice sports or hobbies, set up a labeled tote bags stocked and ready for each activity so you can keep your purse light and streamlined.

The Daily Clean-Out

You’re busy, I know! But it will take you less than a minute to discard any wrappers, stray receipts, and trash that has made its way into your purse each day. Investing in a little daily maintenance, will guarantee that you’ll never have an overstuffed, disorganized bag to contend with.

Keep up the Good Work

The basic principles of organization hold true for any space: start with a good editing session to de-clutter, then group and store similar items together by category, and, finally, make sure to put in a little daily effort to maintain your work.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of de-cluttering and organizing your purse, you can apply the same process to other areas in your home–your junk drawer, a cluttered closet, or even an entire playroom. Happy organizing! You’ve got this.

Photography by Vivian Johnson Photography for Shira Gill Home.


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