Howard Stern’s Daughter on Her Orthodoxy: 'F**k It If People Think It’s Weird' – Kveller
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Howard Stern’s Daughter on Her Orthodoxy: ‘F**k It If People Think It’s Weird’

The apple fell very far from the tree in the the case of Howard Stern and his eldest daughter, 32-year-old Emily Stern. About 10 years ago, Emily Stern decided to start practicing Orthodox Judaism, according to the NYPost.

Revealing outfits and Friday night parties morphed into more modest outfits and Shabbat dinners. What’s most revealing–and perhaps surprising considering who her father is–is the fact that she’s adamantly single. In her interview with the NYPost, she stated:

“It’s rare I go on dates [now]. My dad’s emphasis on sexuality [in his career] kept me out of the dating ring [when I was younger].”

She cites her parents’ 1999 divorce and her father’s fame as part of the reason she has decided not to date; besides growing up with a dad everyone knew, the divorce blindsided her.

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While she fasted for Yom Kippur and enjoyed Passover seders, it’s no secret her family wasn’t religious; her father even joked on air that the theme of her bat mitzvah should be “I hate Jews.”

These days, however, it seems Emily and her family are close, and bear no resentment to her religious beliefs, stating:

“Everyone in my family is evolving—no one has that resentment toward Judaism. It took a lot of bravery [to become religious]. I was trying to figure out what to be in the world. I’d say, ‘God help me.’”

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Stern has some choice words for any naysayers or criticizers when it comes to her religious choices: “F - - k it if [people] think it’s weird or doesn’t make sense.”

Right on, Emily.

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