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Incredible Mom Takes Down Strangers Who Mocked Her Son’s ‘Girl’ Attire



When UK mom Shona Campbell was picking up her son Harry from nursery school last week, she didn’t think she would have to stand up for her son, just because he was wearing socks with hearts. When she arrived, she noticed another mom and her child laughing at his “girl” socks.

While she didn’t say anything at the time, she later shared her frustration in a Facebook post that has since gone viral. In the comments section, she explained that she went to Facebook, because she didn’t want to get into a confrontation in front of the children. She went on to explain why it was so upsetting:

“To the mother at nursery picking up your child. You may have thought I didn’t hear you but let me assure you I did!! When your child pointed out my SON had love hearts on his socks, and mocked them for being GIRLS socks you absolutely tore apart my faith in this world, because you agreed and laughed along with your child.

My son is 3 years old, he loves love hearts, he loves the colour pink, he loves to play with dolls and prams. But what he loves more than anything, is having the independence to make his own choices. He chose these socks in the shop, and he chose to wear them today.

Why should we teach our children that certain things are for girls/boys?? If my son wants to wear a dress, he can!! If he wants to wear a big fluffy hat, he can!! And if he wants to wear socks with love hearts, HE CAN!! I am bringing up my son to be whoever he wants to be and I do not appreciate people like you poking fun at him, telling him he’s wrong for what he wears or dictating what he should or shouldn’t do/wear.”

To the mother at nursery picking up your child. You may have thought I didn’t hear you but let me assure you I did!!…

Posted by Shona Campbell on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Campbell added that her son loves to pick his own clothes, and this is a way he can assert his own independence and personality. As of now, her post has been shared about 95,000 times–which illustrates that many parents identify with this sentiment.

In the end, allowing children to choose how they want to present themselves to others is the best way to teach them that they shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are.

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