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car accident

Injury Update: Call Me Mistress Glove

It’s time for an injury update. Typed with my left thumb, of course.

1. Pain? Yes. Stabbing, burning, dull, sharp, searing? Yes. Grumpy and frustrated? Yes.

2. My right hand has had a wardrobe change. We’ve moved from two finger SPANX to an entire glove of a SPANX-like masochistic material. It’s kind of cool looking if you think about it long enough and let your focus go blurry. I look like a comic book superhero villain. Mistress Glove, my husband has named me. It’s for swelling and pain, by the way. And it scares my younger son.

3. I can put the boys to sleep with extra pillows and the older son on my “bad” side and the younger cradled on my “good” side. It feels good to be a semi-functioning Mama again.

4. My awesome mother-in-law arrives today for four days. Now my husband is mine all mine for all needs–medical and emotional. Weeeeeee!

5. Why I feel like the fairer sex: my Occupational Hand Therapist (who I hope doesn’t read this) is very handsome. Prematurely grey hair, blue blue eyes, and full disclosure: skilled hands. (See job description for Occupational Hand Therapist.) Seriously. Wish I could hang my second X chromosome up at the door when I go to his office. Alas.

6. Back to Big Bang today after a week hiatus. Hiatus had me do a press tour for Texas Instruments in NY (see me on the CBS Morning Show), an on camera interview with and about my Partners in Torah chevrusa Allison, and lots of lying on the couch moping.

7. Fancy Assistant Brandon (FAB) and I make quite the team. We work well together. He has phenomenal typing and spelling skills which old fashioned fastidious nerdy people like me love, he wears Converse which Converse-wearing people like me love, and he laughs when my older son does crazy silly funny dances and makes up weird awesome voices with which to declare random things about Brandon as Brandon prepares to leave. He’s a keeper.

For more on the accident, read about Mayim’s initial reactions, her finger SPANX, and how she avoided pain medication.

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