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Is Amy Schumer Pregnant?

In a post on Instagram Monday afternoon, Amy Schumer photoshopped her face and her husband’s face onto the bodies of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The royals recently announced they were expecting a royal baby; while on a tour of Australia, Meghan was photographed cradling her baby bump. This may sound weird, but stick with us.

In her caption, the 37-year-old Jewish comedian wrote “About to announce some exciting news,” and directed her followers to Jessica Yellin’s instagram page. Yellin, a journalist, founded an organization called News. Not Noise., dedicated to bringing — you guessed it — news, not noise, to help people stay informed.

“We are 15 days out from the midterms, and there is a lot going on,” Yellin says on her Instagram story. “I’ll break down the latest for you coming up. But first, I wanted to share some news from our community. Maybe it’s noise,” she pauses, “but it’s happy noise.”

On the next slide, she says, “these are the recommendations of Amy Schumer,” and tells her followers to “read all the way to the bottom, you’ll see there’s some news down there.” And then, Yellin says, “Congratulations, Amy.”

Amy Schumer

Screenshots of Yellin’s Instagram story

If you can see, at the bottom of Schumer’s list of recommendations (Democratic candidates in hotly contested districts), is one line that says “I’m pregnant – Amy Schumer.”

You can see the full list clearer here:

Now, we can’t tell if this is just a “get-out-the-vote” gimmick (like the other celebrity fake news that has circulated in an effort to get people to vote) or an actual pregnancy announcement. Either way, it got our attention. And if they are in fact expecting? Mazel tov!

Update: Amy Schumer is pregnant! She confirmed to the Los Angeles Times.

Header Image via Amy Schumer on Instagram.

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