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Israeli Moms are the New Tiger Moms

What’s the difference between American moms and Israeli moms? Apparently, a lot. In her latest piece for the Sisterhood blog on The Forward, Elissa Strauss points out a potential new kind of parenting trend, this one taken from the community-focused parenting style of Israelis. Strauss writes:

There is no shortage of parenting methods to choose from these days. In the past few years we’ve seen Tiger moms, Parisian moms, attachment parents and the free-rangers all make their way onto national magazine covers and the pile of books on our bedside tables. But none of these philosophies place much emphasis on the roles our friends, families and communities can play in making awesome kids.

So, in the spirit of Harris-Perry’s commercial, I would like to throw a new parenting method into the mix, one that shows us how much better life can be when we help one another out. I’ll call this the “Fight Song of the Sabra Parent.”

So what are the benefits of living in a society where parents aren’t so afraid to parent other parents’ kids? Read the rest of her piece here.

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