James Franco Has Bar Mitzvah at 37--Officially a Man – Kveller
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James Franco Has Bar Mitzvah at 37–Officially a Man

In case you haven’t heard, actor James Franco became a bar mitzvah at age 37, as part of the Hilarity for Charity event. Like a good Jewish boy, the October 3rd ceremony included Franco wearing a tallit (prayer shawl), and reading from the Torah.

While a typical bar mitzvah happens when a Jewish boy is 13, bar mitvahs can happen at any time, and adult bar mitvahs are actually fairly prevalent. Better late than never, right? He even posted a photo on Instagram with the caption: “I am now a MAN! Got Bar Mitzvahed tonight!!! Finally!”

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Despite that the official bar mitzvah already took place, the Hilarity for Charity event is still taking place at the Hollywood Palladium on October 17th to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease. And get yourselves ready for this one, because Miley Cyrus will headline the event.

Seth Rogen, host of the event along with his wifetold Vulture why the official ceremony took place earlier: “The Rabbi wouldn’t do it on the actual event, so he did it last night at our friend’s house and we filmed it and we’ll show it at our fundraiser.”

Mazel tov!

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