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Jamie Lee Curtis Is 58 Today. This Is Why She’s Awesome

Jamie Lee Curtis, aka my favorite scare queen, turned 58 today. That means the world has been graced by her presence for 58 years–and we’ve been better for it, because it means we’ve been able to watch “Halloween,” “The Fog,” and “Prom Night” with a bowl of popcorn when you need a little TLC.

Curtis, who was born into a Hollywood family with Hungarian Jewish roots (her parents are Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh), can do it all–she can make us laugh, cry, frighten us–and she can write. You may not realize, but she’s a children’s book author who’s published upwards of 10 books. Can’t exactly say she’s a novice. She also currently has a leadership role for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and supported the 2011 opening of a new inpatient facility for the organization. Oh, and she’s a mother of two.

Besides all of that, however, her movies truly pushed the boundaries for women in film, defining the horror genre–and proving that women can build careers in both comedies and horror films. Here are some of my favorite moments of hers:

1. That time she showed us how to striptease in “True Lies.”

2. That time she and John Travolta did aerobics:


3. She can even dance disco:

4. Of course, we can’t forget the chase scene in “Halloween“:

5. Some funny bloopers from “Freaky Friday“:

6. Curtis was on “The View” to talk gossip and her new book this past September:

7. That time she and Lady Gaga interviewed each other:

Happy birthday, Jamie!

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