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Jenna Jameson is Marrying an Israeli & Converting to Judaism


© Glenn Francis,

We’re always excited to welcome another celebrity into the Jew crew, but we have to admit this one took us a bit by surprise. Apparently, Jenna Jameson–known colloquially as the Queen of Porn–is marrying an Israeli and converting to Judaism.

According to JPost, Jameson is marrying Lior Bitton, an Israeli who works in L.A.’s diamond business. She’s even hosted her first Shabbat dinner, which she proudly posted on Instagram (featuring some very impressive challahs).

The quasi-retired adult film star has also taken up Hebrew and plans to visit Israel soon. A formerly self-described devout Catholic, the change would be big for Jameson–so she must be serious about it!

We hope she has a beautiful, transformative conversion, and that she finds her place in the faith. Mazel tov!

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