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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Begin With the Letter ‘H’

These names are both Hebraic and high quality!


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Looking for a baby name that’s handsome? How about one that’s high quality? You definitely want a Hebraic name, right?  It seems like you might be looking for a Jewish baby name that begins with the letter “H.”

Here are a handful of both popular and unique Jewish baby names that begin with the letter “H.” 


1. Hadara — If you’re having a Sukkot baby, why not name her Hadara? In the Torah, the etrog is called “the Hadar fruit.” In Hebrew, Hadara means glory or citrus fruit.

2. Hadassah — Hadassah is another name for Queen Esther, the absolute badass heroine of the Purim story. A cute nickname for Hadassah is Dassy or Daci!

3. Hannah — Hannah Einbinder is perhaps one of the coolest and most vocally Jewish actors working today. So why not endow your child with that vibe by naming her Hannah? In Hebrew, Hannah means “compassionate” or “gracious.” Biblically, Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel.

4. Hila — If you want your little girl to sparkle, hold the glitter and name her Hila. In Hebrew, Hila means “praise” or “sparkle.” Alternatively, it can be spelled “Hilah.”

5. Hinda/Hindel — Oh deer! In Yiddish, the names Hinda or Hindel both mean “deer.”

6. Hodaya — Hodaya means “thanking God” in Hebrew.


7. Hadar — Like the feminine name Hadara, Hadar is a great option if your due date is around Sukkot. Hadar means “glory” in Hebrew.

8. Hallel — Meaning “thanks” in Hebrew, Hallel is the name of a special prayer said on holidays to give thanks and praise to God. Naming your child Hallel could signify your thanks for the blessing of parenthood.

9. Harel — Expecting a big baby? Why not name them Harel! In Hebrew, this unisex name means “mountain of God.”


10. Haskel — Smarty pants alert! In Yiddish, Haskel means “wisdom.”

11. Hersch/Herschel — In Yiddish, Hersch means “deer” and Herschel means “little deer.” The name is best-known among millennials and Gen-Zers from the iconic book “Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins.”

12. Hezekiah — From the Hebrew name Hizkiyahu, Hezekiah means “God strengthens.” Historically, Hizkiyahu was a king of Judah.

13. Hillel — While a bit of throwback to college days at the Hillel House, the name Hillel honors one of the greatest Jewish sages. In Hebrew, Hillel means “praised.”

14. Hosea/Hoshea — Hoshea was one of the 12 minor Jewish prophets. In Hebrew, the name Hosea or Hoshea means “save” or “rescue,” no Paw Patrol needed!

Click here for a full list of Jewish baby names that start with the letter “H.”

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