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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letter ‘P’

You can't go wrong with Palomba, Paz or Pinchas!


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Pu pu pu! Whether we’re hearing good news or bad news, Jews love to spit three times to ward off the evil eye. So if you’re a particularly superstitious member of the tribe, bestowing your child a name that starts with the letter “P” might be the best route for you. Every time you say their name, you’ll bless them with a little bit of Jewish folk protection.

With that in mind, here are some beautiful and unique Jewish baby names that start with the letter “P.”


1. PalombaIf you want a peaceful baby, name her Palomba! In Ladino, Palomba means “dove.” In Genesis, Noah sent out a dove to ascertain if the flood waters were receding. When the dove went out for a second time, it returned with an olive branch, symbolizing peace and new hope for humanity.

2. PamelaWith origins in Hebrew and Greek, the name Pamela means “all sweetness.” A famous Jew with this name is Pamela Adlon, an actress and comedian.

 3. PeninaThis Hebrew name means “pearl.” In the Book of Samuel, Penina was the wife of the polygamous Elkanah. (Elkanah was the father of the Jewish prophet Samuel.) In contemporary times, Penina is the name of Israeli fashion designer Pnina Tornai.

 4. PerlaSecond verse, same as the first! Perla is a Jewish name that also means “pearl,” but instead comes from Ladino.

 5. PeshaPesha is a Yiddish version of the name Batya, which means “Daughter of God” in Hebrew.



6. PazAll babies, regardless of gender, are precious. So perhaps name yours Paz? In Hebrew, Paz means “precious” and refers to a specific type of gold.



 7. PeretzWith a name like Peretz, your son will become a man of action! In Hebrew, this name means “burst forth.” It can also be spelled “Perez” or “Peres,” like the late Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

 8. PesachYou won’t want to pass over this great name! Ba dum tss! But in all seriousness, this Hebrew name is perfect for a spring baby.

 9. PinchasIn the Torah, Pinchas was the grandson of Moses’ brother Aaron, the high priest. Give your baby the name Pinchas to honor this famous zealot!

Click here for a full list of Jewish baby names that start with the letter “P.”

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