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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letters ‘U’ and ‘V’

Names like Uri, Varda and Velvel are unique and vivacious.

Jewish Baby Names U and V

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As we begin to wind down our journey with Jewish baby names A-Z, we come upon the letters U and V. Much like the list of Jewish baby names that start with the letter F, there aren’t too many Jewish names that begin with these letters. So, we’re combining them! (The more the merrier, right?)

Please enjoy this list of unique and vivacious (see what I did there) Jewish baby names that begin with the letters U and V.



Uriella The feminine version of the male name Uriel, Uriella means “God is my light.” Because of its association with light, this name is perfect if your due date is around Hanukkah.

Varda A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, so how about Varda? In Hebrew, Varda means, you guessed it, “rose.” 

VeredOr what about Vered? This Hebrew name also means “rose.” 

Viva Viva la vida loca! In Ladino, Viva means “alive.” It’s a great baby name option if you want to honor your Sephardic roots.



Any name can be a unisex name! Live your dreams!



Uri In Hebrew, Uri means “my light.” It can also be a great nickname for a name like Uriel.

Uriah In the Hebrew Bible, Uriah was the first husband of Bathsheba. This name means “God is my fire.”

Uzi Uzi (as in the Hebrew word, not the pistol) means “my courage” or “my power.” An alternate spelling for this name is Uzzi.

VelvelVel, vel, vel, another Yiddish name. Velvel means “wolf” in the Judeo-German language.

VidalMuch like the female name Viva, Vidal means “alive” in Ladino. Another version of this name is Vitali.

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