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Jewish Baby Names That Work in Spanish and English

These gorgeous names are perfect for Hispanic and Jewish families.


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Are you looking for a Jewish name to pay tribute to your Spanish-Jewish heritage? Perhaps you are part of a multicultural couple with Jewish and Hispanic backgrounds? Or maybe you live in Argentina or Mexico and want to find a Jewish name that works well in a Spanish-speaking country. 

Whatever the reason for your name search, these gorgeous baby names are for you: perfect for both Hispanic and Jewish contexts. 

Some of the names on this list are Ladino or Judeo-Spanish, ideal for families with Jewish heritage from Spain. Other names exist in both Hebrew and Spanish but with two totally separate meanings, just the same pronunciation in each language. Several names are the Spanish version of some classic Hebrew baby names. But what they all have in common is their beauty and timelessness!


Girls’ Names

Adela: “noble” in Spanish and Yiddish

Alma: “soul” in Spanish; “young woman” in Hebrew

Amada: “beloved” in Ladino

Cipiora: “bird” in Ladino

Eliana: “sun” in Spanish; “God has answered” in Hebrew

Ester: “star” in Persian

Gabriela: “God is my strength” in Hebrew

Josefa: “He shall add” in Hebrew

Laia: “fair of speech,” in Spanish; Leah means “delicate” or “weary” in Hebrew

Meri: “bitter waters” in Judeo-Spanish

Nina: “little girl” in Spanish; “great-grandaughter” in Hebrew

Noa: “motion” in Hebrew

Paz: “peace” in Spanish; “gold” in Hebrew

Raquel: Spanish version of Rachel, “ewe” in Hebrew

Reyna: “queen” in Spanish; “pure” in Yiddish

Rosalba: “white rose” in Ladino and Spanish

Susana: Spanish version of Shoshana, “rose/lily” in Hebrew

Tamara: “date palm” in Hebrew

Boys’ Names

Abadian: “serving God” in Judeo-Spanish

Abel: “son” in Hebrew

Adan: “earth” in Spanish, derived from Adam in Hebrew

Benamy: “son of my nation” in Ladino

Efren: “fruitful” in Spanish; Spanish form of the Hebrew Ephraim

Elias: “God is Lord” in Spanish and Hebrew

Esai: “gift” in Judeo-Spanish

Gil: “young goat,” in Spanish; “joy” in Hebrew

Isaias: Spanish version of Isaiah, “God’s salvation” in Hebrew

Jair: “He shines” in Spanish and Hebrew

Lazaro: “God is my helper” in Spanish; Lazar in Yiddish

Manuel: “God is with us” in Spanish and Hebrew (Emanuel)

Natanael: “God has given” in Spanish and Hebrew

Omar: From Hebrew for “to say,” a biblical figure from the Book of Genesis

Rafael: “God is merciful” in Hebrew and Spanish

Ruben: “behold, a son” in Hebrew, commonly used in Spanish


Unisex Names

Ariel: “lion of God” in Spanish and Hebrew

Dani: “judgement” in Spanish and Hebrew

Sol: “sun” in Spanish; diminutive of Solomon, the biblical king

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