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Jewish Mom Amanda Peet Wants to Haunt Her Children, Seriously

Last night, Jewish actress and mom Amanda Peet was a guest on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to promote the second season of her HBO show “Togetherness.” What I loved about this appearance, however, wasn’t the fact that she was repping her latest achievement, but because she was pretty real–not a trait many people, especially not celebrities, always exude.

Peet talked about “Games of Thrones” (her husband, David Benioff, is one of the creators of the show) and about midlife crises. Of course, you’re probably thinking, just as Colbert was, what does she know about any of that? The 44-year-old mom of three and actress told him otherwise, however, which I appreciate, stating:

“44 is really, it’s quite something…”

When Colbert asked what she is afraid of she, hilariously said, without missing a beat:

“I fear death! I need to know what to believe in! I want to haunt my children!”

Sounds about right. Check out the rest of her guest appearance below:

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