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Jewish Mom Designs Underwear to Protect Dads’ Balls

Fridababy, the company founded by Jewish mom Chelsea Hirschhorn, is most famous for the NoseFrida — the super-popular nasal aspirator that involves parents literally sucking the boogers out of their baby’s nose.

It may sound gross, but there are thousands of rave reviews online — and the snot sucker really put Fridababy on the map. But its newest product may be its biggest launch ever: The company is releasing an innovative type of underwear that helps Dads protect their, um, “legacy” from getting hit by children.

No, no — your mind is not in the gutter. Fridaballs are the “world’s first Dad-friendly underwear,” designed to protect the family jewels, because “parenting is a contact sport.”

As the web site explains, the undies with a built-in “protective pouch” are designed to withstand “head butts, the baby carrier swinging heel + the good ole Sunday morning bed jump.”

Hirschorn explained to BuzzFeed News, “I didn’t take [my husband’s] complaints too seriously at first (I mean, I birthed these kids from my own body, so it’s tough to compete with that frame of reference), but after witnessing one particularly rough incident, I decided to investigate and found 3 million videos on YouTube of dads ‘taking one for the team.’ I was convinced — this is a real problem that needed a solution.”

Since Fridababy specializes in ingenious little “huh!” products — like the Fridet Buttwasher for potty training, or a pacifier that dispenses medicine — we’re thinking Hirschorn might be onto something. Perhaps we’ve found the perfect Father’s Day gift!


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