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Jewish Rock Radio…For Real?

I stumbled across Jewish Rock Radio this weekend (maybe “stumbled across” isn’t the right term — “saw on facebook” is a little more accurate). And they mean what they say–they play Jewish rock.

The site launched mid-October, and their mission is to “…
strengthen Jewish identity and connection in Jewish youth and young adults by providing a mass communication channel utilizing the power of music to attract, inspire, entertain, and educate.
” An interesting premise. They also explain that secular and Christian rock has a huge base of radio stations, TV, and merchandising. Jewish rock, not so much. So Jewish Rock Radio was brought in to fill the void.

So I turned it on. The first song I heard was by Balkan Beat Box and if you’ve never heard them, they’re kind of awesome. A rock-reggae-pop-combination had both me and my 16 month old dancing. Next came Debbie Friedman, which seemed like a slightly strange transition as I think of her as more spiritual than rock. Nevertheless, we were still dancing around the kitchen. The music ranged over the next half-hour. Some of it was awesome, some of it didn’t speak to me, but besides occasional random interludes, it all felt like actual Jewish rock.

The next time you’re looking for some new music, check out Jewish Rock Radio. Tell them Kveller sent you.

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