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Jonah Hill Is Now a Jewish Dad

Mazel tov!


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We are so, so thrilled for actor Jonah Hill! He is now a Jewish dad (or a jaddy, if you will).

The Jewish “Superbad,” “Wolf of Wall Street” and “21 Jump Street” actor, 39, was notably absent from sister Beanie Feldstein’s absolutely glorious summer camp-themed wedding on May 20 (seriously, I have never seen a more perfect wedding in my life), and it turns out, it was for a great reason. His girlfriend Olivia Millar, who owns an online vintage clothing store, gave birth to their first child in May, a rep for Hill confirmed to People.

The “Mid90s” director is incredibly private as of late. Last Summer, he deleted his social media accounts and, after working on his 2022 documentary “Stutz,” shared a letter to fans in which he explained that due to his anxiety, he will no longer be doing media appearance and public events for his work. He wrote that doing appearances would be him not being true to himself and to the lessons he learned while working on the documentary about his Jewish therapist, and he also hoped that the move would help destigmatize making these kind of decisions and raise awareness around anxiety and mental health.

In 2021, Hill asked fans to no longer comment on his body. “Good or bad I want to politely let you know it’s not helpful and doesn’t feel good. Much respect,” he wrote on his Instagram, which then had over 3 million followers. (Sister Beanie made a similar plea in 2017.) Hill is rare in the way that he sets these clear boundaries to protect his mental health. As a parent, I believe there’s no better example to set for your children — knowing what our limits are and caring for our own psyches is such an important lesson to teach by example, and one that many of us struggle with.

Hill is a self-proclaimed “nice Jewish boy,” whose star quality was already showing at his bar mitzvah. He’s an avid surfer and proudly sports a “Surf Jew” sticker — a response to surf Nazi culture, and a private joke between him and director Spike Jonze and “Beastie Boys'” Mike Diamond, who got him into his favorite sport. He’s also played quite a few Jewish roles, including some controversial ones, from his role as a stereotypical money hungry Jew in “The Wolf of Wall Street” (an amazing performance that Hill was incredibly thoughtful about) to his most recent in “You People.”

We don’t yet have many details about the little one, including the name, but one thing is for sure — Hill is an incredible talent, and he is going to be a great dad. Mazel tov, Olivia and Jonah!

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