Jordana Horn Talks Anti-Helicopter Parenting on "Fox & Friends" – Kveller
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Jordana Horn Talks Anti-Helicopter Parenting on “Fox & Friends”


Helicopter or snow plow? No, we’re not asking you what your favorite kind of heavy machinery is, but what kind of parent you are. Or aren’t.

This was exactly what Kveller contributing editor Jordana Horn went on “Fox & Friends” to talk about this morning in light of her recent article for called “The ‘No Rescue’ movement: Could this be the cure for helicopter parenting?”

In the segment, Jordana talks about letting her kids suffer the consequences of their mistakes, such as forgetting to bring their cello to school, instead of Mom stepping in to save the day. Check it out:

Kudos to Jordana for sounding great, looking great, and keeping her eye rolls to a minimum when constantly being referred to as a “mommy blogger.”

So, tell us, what do you think? Will you be putting aside the keys to your helicopter for the “no rescue” movement?

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