Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Ashton Kutcher Slam Muslim Ban, Citing Family Members – Kveller
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Ashton Kutcher Slam Muslim Ban, Citing Family Members

There are a lot of celebrities who are outraged by Donald Trump’s travel ban barring refugees and citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries. Along with Mayim Bialik, who shared her feelings at the SAG awards, two other celebrities with Jewish ties were outspoken about their feelings.

“Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who has Jewish ancestry, spoke about her own feelings during her acceptance speech for outstanding female actor:

“Whether the Russians did or did not hack the voting of tonight’s SAG awards, I look out at the million or probably even a million and a half people in this room, and I say this award is legitimate and I won. I’m the winner, the winner is me. Landslide! I want you all to know, I am the daughter of an immigrant. My father fled religious persecution in Nazi-occupied France. I’m an American patriot and I love this country, and because I love this country I am horrified by its blemishes.

This immigrant ban is a blemish.”

Besides that, she also tweeted about it:

She’s not the only one. Ashton Kutcher, who is married to Jewish actress Mila Kunis, was furious as well. He went to Twitter to air his feelings, stating:

“My wife came to this country on a refugee visa in the middle of the Cold War! My blood is boiling right now! We have never been a nation built on fear. Compassion that is the root ethic of America. Our differences are fundamental 2R sustainability.”

Kunis was born in Soviet Ukraine and emigrated to America when she was 7 during the Cold War. He went on to tweet two more messages:

“If standing for the America that doesn’t discriminate makes me a left wing actor who is out of touch. Fuck it. As an American I respect my president but I do not respect this policy #ABetterWay.”

“I believe in protecting borders. I believe in enabling safety and security but we do so with honour. We are Americans #ABetterWay. This isn’t no nonsense policy, this is no sense policy.”

I’m glad both Dreyfus and Kutcher are standing up for their heritage and their beliefs, because no group of people should be persecuted for their race or religious beliefs (or for any reason at all). We cannot afford to tolerate racism and religious discrimination.

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