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Kveller Book Club: The Mothers by Jennifer Gilmore

We’re very excited to announce the next pick for the Kveller Book Club
The Mothers
 by Jennifer Gilmore. As if the title alone didn’t cue you in as to why we chose it, the subject matter of this brand new book is very close to Kveller’s heart. The novel centers around Jesse and Ramon, who, after years spent unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, turn to adoption.

What results is an honest and powerful portrayal of adoption, with all of its complexities and complications, from a woman who’s been through it herself. Inspired by her and her husband’s own long adoption process, Gilmore based a large part of The Mothers on her own experience. For a glimpse into Jennifer’s world, check out this piece by her that we published today, about what it was like to find out her sister was pregnant, amidst her own struggles.

We’ll be hosting a book discussion with the Kveller editors on the blog on Wednesday, May 8th, as well as an interview with Jennifer Gilmore. Purchase the book at Amazon and a portion of the proceeds will help support Kveller and the book club. We hope you can join us this month as we read this wonderful book!

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