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Kveller Gift Guide for New Mamas (With Awesome Discounts!)

Pregnancy is wonderful in that people are usually kind when they see you waddling around with a human bowling ball tucked under your shirt. Doors are opened, seats are offered, and people give you that kind smile–the one that says, “Bless your heart but I’m glad I’m not you right about now.”

But after the baby is born you’re all stretched out like Gumby and leaking from your secondary sex characteristics and all people care about is what you were able to produce after nine months of eating and 10 hours of pushing. Sure, he’s adorable but Mama needs some love, too.

Here are a few gift suggestions for first time, and especially not-so-first-time Mamas.

1. Plants, Not Flowers: Give the new Mama an eco-friendly gift that will last longer than flowers and may actually improve her air quality. Green Your Air is a mama-owned company featuring chemical-filtering plants that naturally cleanse the air you breathe. The pots are made of bamboo fiber, rice husks, wheat straw, and corn stalks so they are biodegradable, nontoxic, and safe for any use. These little plants would be perfect on a window sill or in the nursery.

{For a limited time Green Your Air is giving Kveller readers 15% off their entire order! Use code KVELLER15 at checkout!}

2. Boredom Relief: I can tell you from experience that when you are up feeding an infant at all hours of the night, Golden Girls reruns and infomercials get really old. A gift of entertainment can go a long way for a new mama with a month (or two!) of Netflix (although one postpartum Mama warns against watching Friday Night Lights).

3. Boobie snacks: Do you know a breastfeeding Mama? Rather than dropping off regular baked goods, try sending a box of fenugreek bars or yummy oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies that will provide a nutrient-dense snack full of ingredients like oats, flax seed, and nutritional yeast that can help increase breast milk production. If you are feeling extra Betty Crocker, you could also try making a batch yourself using this recipe!

4. A new purse (kinda…) Let’s get real, diaper bags aren’t REALLY for babies, are they? New moms need one and odds are ANY mom would like a replacement for her raggedy old diaper bag. I like to choose bags that my husband can also carry without feeling self conscious, so I shy away from AH-MAZING bags like this one.  With one kiddo I was partial to the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe in black. Easy to keep clean, held everything without being bulky; I LOVED IT. Now that I’ll soon carry around sippy cups and toddler lunch in addition to newborn stuff I dream of upgrading to a Skip Hop Bento Bag.

{For a limited time, Kveller readers can get 20% off any diaper bag from Magic Beans! Just use the code KVEL712 at checkout.}

5. Feed the family: One of the things that I’m most concerned about with a toddler and a newborn is how I will get dinner on the table in the first few weeks post partum. A friend of mine recently registered with Mealbaby.com and what I liked best about this FREE service, other than the specific meal calendar that shows when and WHAT people are bringing over (not that any new mama would turn down two straight days of lasagna), is that it also gives the option to send a gift card to a local restaurant. I think out-of-town well wishers don’t realize that by sending along some take-out they can really make things easier on an adjusting family. (Side note: Did you know that one of the MANY perks of working at Google is a generous take-out budget for new parents? So. Awesome.)

When bringing food to a family, try to always include a salad or fruit, no-hassle preparation meals, disposable containers, and a note with cooking instructions. Great post on feeding a new mama here and recipes here.

Some other ideas:

– A gift card for Mama for some postpartum clothes for a time when maternity clothes are too big but you can’t quite squeeze into your prepregnancy jeans.

– A beautiful (and baby-friendly) necklace!

– A gift card for a pedicure, manicure, or massage in the event that the new Mama can sneak away for an hour or so to pamper herself.

A Kindle, iPad or other e-reader for those late night feedings. Or if she already has the e-reader you could send an electronic gift card to iTunes or Amazon.

A small trinket or gift for siblings. It’s hard being a big brother or sister when everyone comes to gush over the new baby. Even something as simple is a slinky could make a child’s day.

I think one of the most important things you can give a new mother–regardless if it’s her first or fifth child, is encouragement. Send a quick voicemail, email, or handwritten note to let her know that she looks great and is doing a wonderful job with her baby. Those tiny compliments go a long way for an emotional Mama.

What were your favorite gifts as a new mother? What is your favorite gift to give?

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