Kveller Hits of the Week: Dec 24th - 28th – Kveller
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Kveller Hits of the Week: Dec 24th – 28th

This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.

– Celebrating Christmas With My Jewish Grandmother. Even though Carla’s grandmother is a Jew through-and-through, she just likes a good Christmas tree, carols, and Santa. Nothing wrong with that, in Carla’s eyes.

– My Husband Works for a Porn Site (And I’m Okay With It). One mom hopes that she can teach her daughter to love and accept her body, despite her husband working for a celebrity nudity site.

– Christmastime Jury Duty for Mayim Bialik. Mayim is home alone this week while her kids spend Christmas with their non-Jewish grandparents, and she reports for jury duty. Whiskey drinking, bathroom cleaning, and vegan Big Macs ensue.

– I Loved My Orthodox Jewish Doula. Avital was skeptical about wanting or needing a doula for her son’s birth, but she was won over by homemade soup, a bath, and amazing support from a surprising source.

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