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Kveller Hits of the Week: May 20-24

This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.

My Son Wants to Know About Bacon…And God Too. Sometimes those tricky God questions come in the form of, “Mom, why can’t I try bacon?” Is “Because Hashem said so” ever good enough?

Interview with Interesting Jews: Author & Sexuality Educator Cory Silverberg. We interviewed Cory Silverberg, author of the fabulous (and extremely inclusive) new book for kids “What Makes a Baby.”
Do you have any questions about how to talk to your kids about where babies come from, sex, sexuality, or any of those fun topics? Cory has agreed to take on some of our readers’ questions, so leave them in the comments below!

The Kid-Dish. In a recent interview, Rachel Zoe opened up about the fact that she and her husband Roger Berman are “not above” things like diaper duty and dinner and bathtime. So, you know, being a parent.

The Israeli Stranger Who Left Me Her Baby on the Plane. “When the mother squeezed past me to go to the bathroom, something funny happened. Or rather, didn’t happen. She said nothing to me, leaving Baby 23F next to me with no instructions in the event that he wake up, cry, or spontaneously combust.”

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