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Kveller Hits of the Week: November 11-15

This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.

– I’m Buying My Girls a Bunch of Plastic Toys for Hanukkah & I Don’t Even Feel Guilty. During past Hanukkahs, Carla has tried to shield her kids from dolls and gifts in hopes they would turn out disinterested in consumerism. After being a mama for a few years now, her tune has changed.

Hanukkah Isn’t Just About Gifts (But Here’s What My Boys Want)  Although Mayim is never one to play up materialism, she accepts that Hanukkah is a partly gift-giving holiday. Here is a list of what her boys have requested (with adorable commentary).

– Let My Hanukkah Go! A call for some Hanukkah traditionalism, please! Nina is sick of Christmas and Hanukkah festivities being constantly compared, and is tired of the over-commercialization of Hanukkah.

How I Swallowed My Pride & Asked For Help. After a crazy hard week with her kids, Tamara needed a little help from her friends. This piece reminds us it’s OK to ask for help when we need it–other mamas have been there before.

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