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Kveller Story About Boy’s Leg Amputation Gets the Media Spotlight

Like just about everybody else, we here at Kveller love to get attention. But attention is that much sweeter when it means an amazing 11-year-old boy gets to share his story far and wide.

Earlier this month, we ran a story by Zimra Vigoda called “Choosing to Have My Son’s Leg Amputated was the Most Difficult Decision I’ve Ever Made.” As the title suggests, Zimra’s 11-year-old son, Amit, was born with a rare orthopedic condition whereby his right leg is chock-full of pathological fractures that don’t heal. After dealing with pain all his life, Amit decided it would be best for him to have his leg amputated, and after much consideration, Zimra agreed.

Apparently, Zimra and Amit’s story spoke to many, because since the post went live on Kveller, they’ve been making the media rounds and sharing their story on major news outlets.

Including ABCnews.com:

Boy, 11, Begs for Leg to Be Amputated

And The Daily Mail:

Boy, 11, getting his wish that his leg be amputated

And FoxNews.com:

A better life: 11-year-old boy gets wish to amputate his leg

And The Daily News:

More than anything, Bay Area boy wants his leg cut off, and now he gets his wish

So what’s it been like for Amit to be in the spotlight? For one, his blog is blowing up. And when his dad called to say to him, “You are a star,” he answered (annoyed), “I don’t wanna be a star. You obviously don’t understand why I am doing this! I want other kids with similar stuff to know they have options for a better life.”

Say it with us now: what a mensch.

Stay tuned for more updates from Zimra as Amit’s surgery approaches.

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