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Kveller Wants You to Share Your Abortion Story

CYM abortion

States from Alabama to Georgia to Utah to Missouri are passing increasingly restrictive legislation prohibiting abortion — in some cases, as early as six weeks into pregnancy, a point at which many women don’t even know that they’re pregnant.

Essentially, these laws could chip away at Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision which effectively legalized abortion across the United States.

At Kveller, we have a lot of feelings about this. But we want to hear from you. 

As such, Kveller’s epically awesome podcast, Call Your Mother, is doing an upcoming episode on abortion — and we are asking for your help: If you have had an abortion, or if you know someone who has had one, please consider sharing your story with us.

If you have an abortion story to share, please call this number — 908-248-4273 — and leave your story on our voicemail. It can be anonymous, or you can share your name. By calling in, you are giving us permission to use the audio on the podcast.

Please share this post and forward it to your friends because you absolutely know someone who has had an abortion — you just may not know that you do.

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