Lauren Hutton Stars in Calvin Klein's Underwear Ad at 73 (Along with Rashida Jones!) – Kveller
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Lauren Hutton Stars in Calvin Klein’s Underwear Ad at 73 (Along with Rashida Jones!)

Lauren Hutton, a longtime model, is now the star in Calvin Klein’s new underwear campaign. And she’s 73 years old. Not to objectify Hutton, but she’s pretty smoking hot (I think this just is a fact)–and the awesome part is the fact that her age is being celebrated, not hidden.

Klein’s new Spring 2017 campaign celebrates women of all ages, ranging from 18-73, which gives a much more well-rounded view than the typical campaigns that only feature young models. Sophia Coppola casted, directed and photographed the ads, which include Rashida Jones, Kirsten Dunst, Laura Harrier, Nathalie Love, Maya Hawke, and Chase Sui Wonder.

Part of the ad features the stars in a short video. In Hutton’s, she talks about a pick up line that worked in the past. Find out what it is below:

Rashida Jones also appears in her own video, talking about her first kiss (“he kind of just jammed his tongue in my mouth”):

Check out the entire campaign here.

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