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LEGO Releases First Minifigure with a Wheelchair

Recently, we reported that American Girl launched a line of dolls with a diabetes care kit and British toymaker Makies released a line of dolls with disabilities. Both of these toy lines were inspired by the social media campaign, Toys Like Me, which is a campaign encourages parents and kids with disabilities to customize their toys, and then post them online.

Toys Like Me did it again, calling for LEGO to start featuring more characters and toys that reflect real life, and actually include characters with disabilities. All kids should feel included–and it’s hard to feel included if all of your toys represent some limited one dimensional version of what kids are “supposed” to look like.

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We’re happy to report that LEGO took the feedback to heart, and add a wheelchair piece in the mix, which debuted at the Nuremberg Toy Fair–Promobricks provided pictures of a minifigure in a wheelchair, who also has a helper dog.

It’s exceptionally exciting to witness influential toy companies, like LEGO, modernize their approach and realize that inclusion is necessary, not because of sales, but for humanity to be better. Having a disability isn’t something to be ashamed of, or something that makes you “different” from other people. We’re all just people.

The set will be available this summer–I personally can’t wait to buy it for one of my young nephews and nieces.

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