Legoland Park Offers New Features Like ‘Quiet Rooms’ for Guests with Autism – Kveller
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Legoland Park Offers New Features Like ‘Quiet Rooms’ for Guests with Autism

It’s always amazing to see major companies and corporations take steps to further inclusivity–and illustrate that we lived in a multidimensional and complex world. Difference doesn’t have to be something that separates us, but something that can bind us together. A Legoland park agrees with me on this, and is now trying to accommodate guests with autism.

Legoland Resort Florida is now collaborating with up with the organization Autism Speaks, because they’ve been trying to find ways to make the amusement park more friendly for people with autism. In a press release posted on earlier this week, the company said they are adding “quiet rooms” for people who have a hard time waiting in crowded lines–which are located in the park’s Annual Pass, First Aid and Baby Center facilities.

For kids, the park is building tables for quiet play with Legos, and providing noise-canceling headphones, weighted blankets, and soft toys. Guests with autism can also get a “Hero Pass” if they are unable to wait in line.

Brittany Williams, public relations manager at Legoland Florida Resort, told The Huffington Post that the park’s staff will be trained as well:

“Our Model Citizens (employees) are trained to understand what autism spectrum disorder is. They are taught what types of resources are available to assist guests with autism spectrum disorders and their caregivers and can direct them accordingly.”

What’s not to love about this?

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