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Let My People Dance

Via BustedBinkyDesigns on Etsy

As you probably could have guessed we’re closing up shop here early today. In preparation for Passover I’m eating a giant bagel and trying to think of genius way to get my daughter to sit at the seder table for more than five minutes.

This morning my husband tried to go over a very G-rated version of the exodus story. When he explained that slaves “worked all day long” she turned to us and said, “like you?” And she wasn’t so into our rendition of “Let My People Go,” but preferred her own version, “Let My People Dance,” which I think has great potential for a viral YouTube video.

That is all to say that I’m not sure how meaningful the holiday will be for her beyond an understanding that there is this tradition where we eat crackers and all sit down for a fancy dinner. And Mama buys us weird kitchy things like matzah bibs (yep) and onesies and t-shirts for all the kids with their names on it next to a piece of embroidered matzah. (Is there a name for the mom that thinks she’s crafty because she buys cute, crafty stuff on Etsy for her kids that other moms have made? Anyhoo, that’s me.)

Because my daughter doesn’t attend a Jewish preschool, we feel an extra pressure to explain the holidays in a way that makes them sound accessible, fun, and not totally bonkers. We have our work cut out for us. (Check out this video if you’re looking for a kid friendly explanation of the Passover story.)

So, this is all to say that we’re wishing you and your families a meaningful and joyous Passover no matter how you celebrate it. And we’ll be back on Thursday to bitch and moan about not eating bread (while secretly hoping that the mini-Atkins diets helps melt away the baby weight).

Chag pesach sameach!

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