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Make a Gorgeous DIY Purim Grogger With Kveller!


Another pandemic Purim is just around the corner. Purim will be here on the eve of February 25, and here we are, still social distancing, still wearing masks, still parenting through it all.

But never fear —  Kveller is here to help take the sting out of the second round of Jewish holidays during coronavirus! In order to make us all feel a little less alone, and to provide some needed distraction, we’ve organized a fun and safe activity for the entire family: a Purim grogger craft workshop.

For a half-hour on Tuesday, February 23, at 4:30 PM EST, educator Lisa Dvorin of Make It Jewish will be teaching us how to make beautiful Purim groggers. No need to schlep to the store, as we’ll be using paper plates and other things you probably have lying around the house!

Together, we’ll make and decorate these delightful-looking groggers (don’t they kind of look like lollipops?!), and talk about the meaning of this beloved holiday. And while this craft is for kids, this workshop is fun for the entire family —  or, alternatively, you can seize this opportunity to keep your kids occupied (for free!) while you take care of whatever you need to do. (Or, you know, just veg out, because we all need a break.)

This activity is great for all ages, but younger kids will need some assistance since there are staples involved.

 So sign up to join us on Zoom this coming Tuesday! We hope to see you there.

Materials you will need: 

— Two paper plates (any size works!)
— Buttons, beads, or paper clips (whatever you have at home to fill your grogger with)
— Markers, color pencils, paint, washi tape, or stickers, or whatever you have at home to decorate your grogger
— A stapler
— Optional: craft stick (if you would like the grogger to have a handle)
— Optional: embellishments such as sequins, pom poms, or gems

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