Male Legislators Scrap Maternity Care, Mock Mammograms – Kveller
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Male Legislators Scrap Maternity Care, Mock Mammograms

The tussle over repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act continues in the halls of power in Washington, D.C., quite dramatically. But one photo, taken by presidential aide Cliff Sims, has been making the rounds on social media this afternoon, so I thought it might be instructive to just take a moment to look at it.

It’s an image of the the House Freedom Caucus, the most conservative group of representatives, who want to take away the requirement that all plans sold on the individual market include “essential health benefits” like maternity coverage.

What’s interesting about this picture of people who don’t want maternity coverage to be easily available? Can you spot it?

Well, there appears to be only one non white-male person in it, and she appears to be KellyAnne Conway.

Hmm. How interesting.

Don’t worry, though. Despite all the negotiations, Some GOP legislators are still finding the time to make fun of mammograms!

It’s 2017 and the only conclusion to be drawn is that many powerful men still hate the shit out of women.

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