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Man Fails Paternity Test, Results Show Baby Is His Dead Twin’s

Helena Perez García

Helena Perez García

Get this: It’s possible to fail a paternity test even if you are the child’s biological parent — as one dad recently found out. It’s a pretty crazy story.

According to The Independent, a 34-year-old U.S. man failed a paternity test, with doctors discovering his dead twin, whose DNA the man “absorbed in the womb,” is the genetic father of the child. It’s an apparent case of a human chimera (yes, this is a real thing) — meaning the cells of a miscarried sibling are absorbed in the womb by the surviving twin.

Why the test to begin with? Well, according to Buzzfeed, the Washington couple took a DNA test after their son’s blood type didn’t match either of them. Since they became pregnant after fertility treatments, they were initially concerned the sperm donors may have been mixed up.

An ancestry test also showed that the father is technically his son’s uncle — with only a 10% genetic match.

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