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Mark Zuckerberg Reveals His Daughter’s First Word with Cute Facebook Photo

What’s a better way to share details about your life, but on Facebook? This is especially true if you’re the founder and CEO of the site–like Mark Zuckerberg is. Recently, he shared a photo of his 10-month-old daughter Max, because she reached a new milestone. She said her first word. That’s a pretty big first.

Yesterday, the Facebook CEO shared a super sweet photo of Max with the family’s pet dog, Beast, as a way to reveal what her first word actually was. He wrote:

“Max loves Beast. Her first word: dog.”

The 32-year-old and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan welcomed Max in November 2015. She is the first child for the couple.

Since his daughter’s birth, Zuckerberg has been a pretty active dad, taking the baby to swimming lessons (being a good Jewish dad, eh?) and trying to change her diaper as fast as possible, among other things. Clearly, he’s an avid FB user.

Besides that, the new parents also announced this year the creation of the foundation of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, an organization with the mission to advance human potential and promote equality. In an open letter, the couple wrote how they will contribute 99 percent of their Facebook shares—currently worth about $45 billion—during their lives.

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