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Mark Zuckerberg’s Latest Photo Promotes Equality in the Home

Fatherhood really seems to be suiting Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg. Both Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan often use Facebook as a platform to talk openly about their lives, views, and hopes for the world. In their many posts, they’ve opened up about their infertility struggle, announced they would be donating 99% of their Facebook shares to charity, and paid maternity/paternity leave. Now, his latest update is an adorable picture of Max where he’s promoting equal partnership in parenting.

Most important meeting of the day. #LeanInTogether

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Zuckerberg also used the hashtag #LeanInTogether, which is a movement started by Lean Inthe foundation that Sheryl Sandberg helped create. What is its mission? To encourage men to take an active role in supporting women’s rights, and build equal households. In a Facebook post this week, Sandberg explained:

“#LeanInTogether celebrates the important role men play in creating an equal world. Reaching equality is not just good for women—it is good for men as well. Children with active fathers are healthier, happier, and more successful. Men who are 50/50 partners have stronger marriages. And diverse teams at work produce better results.”

Of course, the fact that Zuckerberg is a public figure makes his message all the more important, because it’s getting traction and visibility–he has 54 million Facebook followers, and this new photo alone has over 1 million likes and 13,000 shares. He understands more than anyone the power of language on social media.

I can only hope this will inspire more men to dig deep within themselves and redefine gender roles, because the more we embrace about each other in less rigid roles, the happier and healthier we’ll all be.

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