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Mayim Bialik: Check Out This New Attachment Parenting Book by a Dad

I get asked to blurb a lot of books. That is, people send me drafts of their books and ask me to give a comment to endorse and publicize the book. Mostly, I am asked to give quotes for books on attachment parenting. Sometimes I am asked to endorse books with Jewish themes or even cookbooks, now that I’ve written one.

I was recently asked to give a blurb for a book that it is a memoir of one parent’s experience in attachment parenting. It is written in concise and witty chapters which kept me really engaged and interested in this particular parent’s experience. The author is not afraid to take on the big hitters of the “conventional” styles of parenting which so many of us do not ascribe to with sound evidence, experience, and suggestions for navigating similar waters. It is simultaneously unapologetic, self-deprecating where appropriate, super funny, and incredibly thoughtful.

What sets it apart from the many books about parenting out there is that it’s written by a dad.

Brian Leaf is a former yoga aficionado-turned-attachment parenting Dad who also happens to be Jewish. He’s married to a Christian and there’s some really interesting stuff on interfaith families in this book. He takes on every aspect of the attachment parenting journey in wonderful and helpful examples from his life parenting two sons. He has actually written 12 books and has been featured in a variety of major media outlets, as well as blogging for the Natural Family Living website (where I recently wrote about my struggles with breastfeeding).

The book is called “Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi” and I think it’s a terrific read for moms and dads as well. I’m very flattered that Brian put my blurb and endorsement for his book on the cover, but even if he hadn’t, I would still recommend this book for any expectant, new, or seasoned dad who has taken the plunge into the attachment parenting lifestyle.

What a welcome addition to any parenting library. I wish Brian well! For more information, go to

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